Regenovue sub-q plus, deep plus, fine plus

4 Apr 2023


Regenovue is one of the most successful beauty enhancement brands by South Korean pharmaceutical company NeoGenesis CO.,LTD-a global leader in the production of stem cell cosmetic solutions, anti-aging skin-care products, and various other healthcare fields. NeoGenesis launched its Regenovue lineup about half a decade ago, to challenge the market of top-rate dermal fillers and risk-fee mesotherapy products. Today, it is more than clear that this mission has been more than successful since the unique filler range is available on sale in an impressive number of countries around the world and it is one of the fastest-selling skin rejuvenation products.

Regenovue is a dermal hyaluronic acid-based filler with the 100% cross-linked structure. Innovative patented technology of HA cross-linking is used in the production of Regenovue. The product has outstanding purity, which means a minimum concentration of BDDE-derived by-products. Regenovue fillers are characterized by high elasticity and viscosity thus providing their even distribution and a long-lasting esthetic effect. Compact structure of the gel guarantees a constant injection pressure (uniform injection rate), which makes the procedure as comfortable and easy as possible both for the patient and the specialist.

Strengths of Regenovue:

-one of the lowest levels of residual BDDE among dermal filler (0.0015 IU/mg)

-long-lasting esthetic effect due to the high viscosity and elasticity of the filler

-painless and injury-free injections due to the finely divided gel structure

-dense monophasic structure of the gel ensures its uniform distribution in the subcutaneous layers

-natural-looking effect

-the products contain HA of non-animal origin

-provides elasticity and moisture to the skin

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