LIPO SELA -premium lipolytic fat dissolve solution

4 Apr 2023


Lipo Sela is a premium lipolytic solution for melting subcutaneous fat, which is simple and effective solution to reduce cellulite and excess weight.

LIPO SELA solution treatment offers key effects towards weight loss.

Reduces the storage of fat layer

Improves wrinkles and regenerates skin elasticity

Activates skin cells


1) Shake vias for several times to mix well before use

2) Inject slowly on a site of injection. (The recommend injection needle size is 27G and may use up to 30G)

3) Injection time takes about 10-20 minutes.

4) In case of abdomen and waist area, inject 0.05~0.2ml on a spot into the fat layer and then move to next ½ inch. By doing so, you could use it up to 1 vial per treatment depending on obesity degree and repeat this treatment 2~3 times every two weeks.

5) For the treatment of other areas such as armpit and thigh, the injection dose should be adjusted based on the obesity and fat layer thickness.

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