Maypharm's Hyalmass filler with Hybrid Technology obtained CE to hit Europe and America's market
Being already popular on South Asia market, particularly in Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, China, f
11 May 2023
Help your hair to shine and glow ❤ Scalp Aging & Hair Loss Alopecia and other hair anomalies
11 May 2023
Maypharm CO, LTD., launched a new CE filler: Multi-layered Phasic Hyaluronic Acid with lidocaine and CE approved MayFill Filler
MAYPHARM. MAYFILL CE FILLER WITH LIDOCAINE. Maypharm, a brand holder of such popular products
12 Apr 2023
Ultra Light for facial and body fat dissolution
Treatment Area -Individuals with busy schedule -Sagging cheeks, sagging chin-line and double-c
4 Apr 2023
LEMON BOTTLE-Ampoule solution for face and body
#beauty #slim solution #ampoule #face and body #distributed by Maypharm
4 Apr 2023
LIPO SELA -premium lipolytic fat dissolve solution
Lipo Sela is a premium lipolytic solution for melting subcutaneous fat, which is simple and effect
4 Apr 2023
LIPO VELA-V for V-line contour & whitening
Effective for Face contouring and Whitening LIPOVELA V is a New Highly Concentrated Formula L
4 Apr 2023
E.P.T.Q S100, S300, S500, Exquisite HA Filler
E.P.T.Q S100, S300, S500 #beauty #e.p.t.q #distributed by Maypharm #HA filler
4 Apr 2023
Regenovue sub-q plus, deep plus, fine plus
Regenovue is one of the most successful beauty enhancement brands by South Korean pharmaceutical
4 Apr 2023
Hyaldew All, Fine, Mid, Shine/ lidocaine
Overcoming the limitations of collagen crosslinking technology applied in conventional HA fillers,
4 Apr 2023